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  • Two Skinny Cooks - Justin
    Two Skinny Cooks - Justin
Walking out into the garden and picking fresh tomatoes, lettuce and basil, then throwing them together
with some extra virgin and balsamic for a quick lunch, is one of natures true wonders.
Every time we dig up a potato, give it a quick boil then add some butter and fresh herbs, the taste still amazes us. This is food that doesn’t travel thousands of miles across our country or get stored before use. This is real food with minutes or hours being it’s time frame not weeks or months and the difference can be tasted immediately.
Most of our vegetable selections are heirlooms from seed savers around the world as well as here in Australia. Heirlooms are plants that have stood the test of time with exceptional flavour, high yields and a long harvest season.
These are very different plants to the ‘Supermarket Variety’ hybrids, which are created for long storage life and aesthetics rather than freshness and flavour.
The best flavours and nutritional values come from using fresh produce. We try to capture that essence of the garden in all of our products and support artisans around the world who are baking & bottling direct from the source.
We hope you enjoy a taste of our country life,
Justin & Veronica

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