Restaurant Quality Risotto at Home for the Whole Family

With the modern family consisting of numerous dietary requirements for each person, it can become a major preparation event at meal time.

We wanted to simplify the process by creating a just add water restaurant quality risotto that could be added to in stages and accommodate each level of dietary choice for the whole family.

Perfect Risotto
Perfect Risotto + Butter + Parmesan
Perfect Risotto + Butter + Parmesan + Seafood
Meat Eater
Perfect Risotto + Butter + Parmesan + Meat

Just Add Water to Create a Perfect Restaurant Quality Risotto in 20 Minutes
Gluten Free √ – Vegetarian √ – Dairy Free √ – Vegan √
Perfect Risotto - Five Varieties

Saffron & Caraway – Porcini Mushroom – Preserved Lemon – Beetroot & Cumin – Fennel & Star Anise

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